Peter Maccallum created Maccallum & Associates cc in May 1993. A year later he was joined by Peter Harrison forming Maccallum & Associates SA (Pty) Ltd. In early 2008 Sean Harrison joined the company. In 2013 the company name was changed to Maccallum (Pty) Ltd.


The "two Peters" originally owned 50% each of the business. Since 2013 ownership has passed to Jahilda Trust which is controlled by the Harrison family. By March 2017 Jahilda Trust will own 100% of Maccallum (Pty) Ltd. Sean Harrison joined Peter Harrison and Peter Maccallum on the board of directors of the company in 2008. Peter Maccallum retired as a director in April 2016 and will retire as an employee in March 2017 when the last of his shares pass to the control of Jahilda Trust.


As a private company Maccallum (Pty) Ltd is not listed on a Stock Exchange and does not publish audited annual financial statements although these are available on request.


Peter Harrison assited by Rob runs the head office in Johannesburg looking after customers in the Highveld area. Peter Maccallum assisted by Alexandra in Durban looks after customers in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State. Sean runs the Cape Town office with Cherie covering Western and Eastern Cape and Namibia customers.


The executives have extensive sales, financial and marketing experience in the raw materials trading and distribution business. The two Peters have held senior management positions in major South African companies involved in agency and trading activities and Sean held a top management position in a leading branding and marketing consultancy.