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Company ethics


We value our suppliers, customers and employees and treat them with dignity and respect.
We encourage our staff to operate at the highest professional and ethical standards and to be transparent in communications with our business partners.

We obey the laws of the land and will report actions of others that are contrary to the law.
We respect the confidentiality of supplier and customer information and will protect intellectual property.
We are committed to regulations governing minimum wages, child labour and work hours and will seek to work only with suppliers and customers who have similar values.
We will not accept or offer bribes nor will we attempt to secure business by means of illegal, immoral, collusive or price-fixing arrangements with customers, competitors or suppliers.
We respect the free market concept and will not enter into arrangements that are in contravention of anti-corruption or anti-competitive legislation.
To the extent that it is within our power we will adopt policies that respect the environment.
We provide workplace facilities and adopt employment policies that preserve the health and well-being of our employees.

We supply products that are used in the manufacture of items for human and animal consumption and comply with laws and regulations that affect food safety, quality and traceability.

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